December 13, 2021 HR Desk

Choosing a job in a care home is a wise decision for a variety of reasons; the work atmosphere is pleasant, cheerful, and encouraging, and there are several roles to select from.

As our overall health improves, more of us – and our families – are enjoying longer lives. Even though, most people will eventually reach a point where they do not feel comfortable or confident living on their own.

This may be a difficult decision for families, but choosing a care home with a caring and empathetic staff can make all the difference.

Care homes are a critical component of the social care sector that is in high demand - there are plenty of job opportunities across a wide range of skills. 

According to the King’s Fund reports, “Together the health and social care sectors employ one in ten of the working population.”

The job of care home employees has evolved throughout time. It used to be that of home care, offering assistance to individuals who require it, such as making a meal or cleaning up after themselves. Many care workers now are responsible for providing support that was formerly given by health care experts. They are also generally on the front lines of ensuring that the elderly are in good health, engaged to the community, and able to remain independent.

If you too are looking for a job in the social care sector besides permanent employment, temping would be a great choice to consider. Registering with temporary staffing or bank staff agency could help your different job roles and earn some money in the short term.

And whether you're contemplating temping seasonally or full-time, there is a multitude of reasons to get involved. Let’s find out how joining a bank or temporary staff agency would prove beneficial to you.

1. Have control over your job

Are you afraid of committing to a permanent job? Not an issue.

Because temporary jobs do not bind you to a long-term contract, you will have greater freedom over your schedule, workspace, and role.

So, whether you need your profession to fit around other responsibilities, you don't want to be tied in one area, or you just want the freedom to choose when you work, temping may be the ideal option.

2. Get hired quickly

If you are actively looking for a job in the social care sector and have had no luck thus far, you can sit back and relax and allow the staffing agency to do the hard work for you. They constantly have a list of temporary positions that need to be filled and are ready to be completed. As a result, you not only find work more easily and quickly than in permanent positions, but you also earn a good wage based on the number of hours you work.

3. Flexible working time

Another significant perk of working with a bank or temporary staffing agency is the ability to choose your own working hours. You may pick and choose the shifts you wish to work on. For example, if you wish to plan your work schedule around childcare or any other personal commitments, registering as bank staff or temp staff is the most viable option. If you've retired from a full-time carer job but still want to earn a living, agency employment will fit your needs.

Working flexibly and choosing hours that match your lifestyle will allow you to establish a career that meets your needs.

4. Improve your skills

Working with a bank or agency would help you hone your skills and expertise. Agency employment allows you to work in a variety of settings and for a diversified group, allowing you to hone your talents and build your resume.

Temping is an excellent approach to obtaining practical experience in a variety of areas.

In fact, if you're completely new to a position, there's probably no better way to learn the ropes.

Even if your temp jobs aren't directly connected to the sector you want to work in, you'll gain a wide range of transferrable skills, many of which are required in practically every field.

And, with many temp jobs leading to permanent positions, it might be the stepping stone you need to launch your career.

5. Networking opportunities

Despite having industry-specific abilities, getting in touch with the appropriate individuals may be just what you need to start your career moving in the right way.

Not only will temping provide you with a lot of strong references, but networking within each role or organisation may also help you boost your overall reputation in the social care sector. You may even be recommended for permanent positions or given insider information when fresh openings arise.

And the more you temp, the more your abilities will be recognised in your area.

As a bank staff or temporary agency staff, you would gain the opportunity to work in different care homes and social care settings. However, make sure to choose a reputed and reliable agency to work with. Most of the leading temporary and bank staffing agencies make use of intuitive software to manage the influx of clients and candidates effectively.

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